March 10, 2023
Powerhouse Brattørkaia

Within the framework of IEA SHC Task 63 Solar Neighborhood Planning, NTNU and Multiconsult, Norway, arranged an international seminar on solar and daylight planning in urban environments.

The topic was how solar energy can be used in smart ways when we plan and build. The speakers were local and from other countries, presenting in four different thematic sessions with a Q&A and discussion at the end of each session.

IEA SHC Task 63 aims to support developers, property owners/associations, architects, urban planners, municipalities, institutions and other central actors to achieve "Solar Neighborhoods". These should achieve long-term solar access for energy production, daylight and thermal comfort in buildings and outdoor environments, resulting in sustainable and healthy urban environments.

When: Friday, March 10, 2023
Where: Powerhouse Brattørkaia, Trondheim + ZOOM
Participants: 110 total (85 attended in person)

Seminar Recordings

Session 0 and 1: Introduction. Session 1: urban legislation for solar energy planning and daylight

Session 2: Methods for solar potential in built environments

Session 3: Building integrated Photovoltaics – BIPV and
Session 4: Competing use of urban surfaces