The Solar Neighborhood Decision-Making Tool is a resource designed for professionals in architecture, urban planning, energy planning, and policymaking. This innovative tool facilitates the selection of sustainable solar strategies for neighborhood development, enhancing performance, and reducing energy consumption.

Key Features:

  1. Customization: Tailor solar strategy selections based on specific criteria such as neighborhood type, climate conditions, and objectives.
  2. Criteria Selection:  Assign weights to decision criteria like ease of implementation, cost, accessibility, environmental impact, and acceptance.
  3. Adoption Score: Calculate an adoption score for each strategy, summarizing its overall impact and relevance.
  4. Objective Flexibility: Choose between single and composite objectives to meet different user needs.
  5. Recommendations: Receive recommendations for suitable solar strategies based on user inputs.

This tool empowers users to make informed decisions toward achieving sustainability goals in neighborhood development. Start using the Solar Neighborhood Decision-Making Tool today to revolutionize your approach to sustainable urban planning. Please refer to user instructions in Report A2,

The MS Excel tool is available to download here: /